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13 More Crazy Laws in Florida

Fiol Law Group|Posted in Car Accidents,Safety on July 19, 2019

For the most part, legal matters are not funny. The legal industry often involves serious topics such as personal injuries and criminal allegations. Legal topics are often not very entertaining, either…with a few outstanding exceptions. Florida is notorious for news stories involving crazy people, but it is also home to some wild and irrational laws. We previously listed 18 of Florida’s craziest laws. Here, we bring you 13 more.

Owning a Computer

In 2013, Florida lawmakers passed House Bill 155 intending to prohibit electronic gambling devices. The bill effectively made internet cafés, slot machines and similar gambling enterprises illegal in the state. Yet the wording of the bill was so vague that it unintentionally banned all computers in the state as well.

Being Annoying in Public

One Florida statute, section 823.01, makes it a crime to annoy the community. The statute does not give any parameters, so almost anything could constitute a breach of this law – punishable with a misdemeanor or even a felony charge.

Spitting on Buildings in Daytona Beach

The Code of Ordinances in Daytona Beach outlaws expectorating (spitting) on public buildings. It is also against municipal law to spit on the streets or the sidewalks of the city.

Selling Baby Fowl and Rabbits

Do not give away or sell free chicks, ducklings or other baby fowl – you could get arrested. If you are a store owner, it is against the law to give away or sell fowl under four weeks old. The same rule applies to rabbits under eight weeks old.

Using a Clothesline in Cape Coral

Cape Coral’s many city ordinances include one banning the use of clotheslines. Many city planners do not like clotheslines and believe them to be eyesores. Avoid a fine by skipping out on hang drying your clothes if you are staying in the city.

Towing Your Toboggan By Car

Legislation regarding sleds might seem like a wasted effort in the Sunshine State, yet they still exist. Florida’s bicycle rules state that no person riding a sled may hitch a ride on a vehicle upon a roadway. This law also bans attaching to a car via roller skates, coasters and toy cars.

Doing Drugs While Intoxicated in Daytona Beach

If you are already intoxicated, you lawfully cannot take any drugs or narcotics. Being under the influence of narcotics could be legal, however, if you are not already intoxicated.

Drinking From Large Wine Bottles

Before you pop the cork on that bottle of Salmanazar-, Methuselah-, Nebuchadnezzar- or Balthazar-sized wine bottle, cross state lines into Georgia. Florida law bans drinking from these extra-large bottles of wine or champagne.

Leaving a Ship in Tampa Bay…If You Are a Rat

Municipal laws in Tampa Bay prohibit rats from exiting ships docked in the Bay. The language of this outdated law speaks to the rats themselves – not to a human who might be thinking about transporting rats off the ship.

Taking Your Top Off at the Beach

Certain areas of the beach – specifically, the 150-feet space between the beach and the neighboring street – require men and women to wear shirts. Florida law bans walking or running in this zone while topless. This law probably came about due to concerns about distracted driving.

Ignoring a House Fire

It is a crime in Florida not to tell your neighbor his or her house is on fire. If you notice any smoke or flames, call 911 and notify your neighbor to avoid criminal charges.

Fishing From a State Road Bridge

It does not matter how good the spot might be, it is against the law to fish from state road bridges in Florida. Section 316.1305 of the Florida Statutes bans fishing from a state road bridge if it is dangerous to do so. Anywhere the Department of Transportation has posted signs prohibiting fishing, doing so is a pedestrian violation.

Selling Unmarked Communist Goods

If you find yourself in Miami Shores Village, do not try to sell anything made in communist countries unless the item has a clear label stating its origins. This law came about after many vendors tried to falsely or misleadingly hide that their goods came from communist countries.

Do your best to avoid legal trouble by obeying all of Florida’s laws – even those that seem silly, nonsensical or downright crazy. If you have any questions about any of Florida’s written laws, it’s best to seek help from a law expert or trial attorney.