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18 Crazy Laws in Florida

Fiol & Morros Law Group|Posted in Lawsuits on November 8, 2018

Laws exist to help protect citizens and keep everyone’s rights safe. However, not all laws make complete sense, and every state has a few statutes on the books that are puzzling or simply outdated. Florida is no exception; numerous laws don’t quite make sense anymore. Here are some examples of some of the strangest Florida laws.

1. Parking Fines for Elephants

Parking fines can be a hassle, but standard parking fees apply to any elephants tied to parking meters in Sarasota.

2. Swamp Buggies No Longer Motor Vehicles

While swamp buggies are a popular form of transport in Florida, a law once revised the definition of motor vehicle to exclude them, derogating this mode of transportation.

3. Strapless Dress Regulations

Under law, men cannot wear strapless dresses in public. However, the law does not regulate other types of dresses.

4. Doctors Inquiring About Patient Gun Ownership

A previous law once prevented doctors from asking patients if they owned a gun. Legislators have since repealed the law.

5. Orange Sales in Miami

People cannot sell oranges on the streets of Miami. Anyone who violates this law can spend up to 30 days in jail.

6. Treatment of Pregnant Pigs

Thanks to the efforts of the Humane Society of the United States, many laws prevent the inhumane treatment of animals – including not confining pregnant pigs to cages, save for veterinary purposes.

7. License to Shred

If you want to ride a skateboard in Florida, you must have an appropriate license, just like operating a car.

8. Opening Doors

All public buildings must have doors that open outward. While this law helps in the event of emergency evacuations, it still sounds strange to see on its own.

9. Watch What You Sell

Florida prohibits parents from selling their children. Hopefully, this is also a federal law.

10. Sleeping Under Hair Dryers

It’s illegal for women to fall asleep under a hair dryer. Anyone who violates this law may have to pay a fine, and salon owners can pay those fines as well.

11. Stealing Horses

It’s no surprise that it’s illegal to steal a horse. Unfortunately, the punishment for stealing a horse is still death by hanging.

12. Parachuting Restrictions

If you’re an unmarried woman, you may not parachute on Sundays. If you do, you can potentially face fines, arrest, and jail time.

13. Swimsuits and Singing

If you’re planning to host a beachside karaoke party, you may want to wait. It’s illegal in Florida to sing in public if you’re wearing a bikini or any other type of swimming suit.

14. Treatment of Porcupines

The law prohibits having sexual relations with a porcupine.

15. Oakland Gossip

In Oakland, Florida, it’s illegal to exchange gossip of any way, shape, or form.

16. Burglar Alarm Permit

For more strange regional laws, look at Pinecrest, Florida. This town requires residents to get a permit to operate their burglar alarms.

17. Animal Imitations

When in Florida, it’s illegal to imitate an animal. To be safe, you may want to reconsider any future Halloween costume plans.

18. Eating Cottage Cheese

If you’re a fan of cottage cheese, be careful if you’re in Tampa Bay. It’s against the law to eat any cottage cheese after 6 PM on Sundays.

While you may not face extreme penalties for most of these violations, it’s still better to stay alert to avoid these strange legal consequences. If you have run into any legal trouble for violating one of the above laws, contact a Tampa personal injury attorney for more information today.