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DUI Facts and Statistics

Fiol Law Group|Posted in Car Accidents,Safety on December 4, 2017

The Truth About Drunk Driving

Every day, approximately 28 people die from some involvement in a drunk-driving accident in the United States – that’s over 10,000 deaths caused by alcohol-related deaths per year! Often times the victims of those accidents are not the drivers, but are passengers, children, pedestrians or other innocent bystanders. Drunk driving can have many different effects on all parties involved. Let’s take a look at some of the other shocking statistics about drunk driving.

Drunk Driving Facts

Fiol Drunk Driving Accidents Infographic

The Consequences of Drunk Driving

As seen in the infographic above, drunk driving can cause pain and suffering, monetary damages, serious injuries, and sometimes even death. When you decide to drink and drive, you are giving up your ability to think and act responsibly. Drunk driving can have legal, financial, personal and professional repercussions in the future. Some of those consequences include:

  • Suspension of drivers license (0-12 months) or complete revocation of drivers license for multiple convictions
  • Mandatory jail time
  • Felony on your record
  • Fees and fines
  • Ignition interlock devices installation
  • Job loss or duty restrictions
  • Higher insurance rates

Depending on the state, these are just a few of the many consequences you could face if you irresponsibly decide to drink and drive.

Drunk Driving Consequences in Florida

In 2016, the Tampa Police Department reported 2,087 DUI arrests with nearly 15% of all accidents involving an alcohol-impaired driver. Drunk driving is a serious offense – not only do you risk your life and others’ lives, but you could also face some serious jail time. In Florida, the there are different consequences (jail time and/or fines) depending on the number of offenses and the % of your blood alcohol content.

1st DUI Conviction

  • Fines: $500-$1,000 OR $1,000-$2,000 if the BAC was 0.15 or higher, or if a minor was in the vehicle
  • Jail time: Up to six months OR is nine months if the BAC was 0.15 or over, or if a minor was in the vehicle

2nd DUI Conviction (within 5 years)

  • Fines: $1,000-$2,000 OR $2,000-$4,000 if the BAC was 0.15 or higher, or a minor was in the vehicle
  • Jail Time: Up to nine months OR 12 months if the BAC was over 0.15, or if a minor was in the vehicle with at least 10 days mandatory jail time or imprisonment*

*48 hours of the confinement must be served at one time or consecutive

3rd DUI Conviction (outside of 10 years)

  • Fines: $2000-$5000 OR minimum of $4000 if the BAC was 0.15 or higher if a minor under the age of 18 was in the vehicle at the time of the offense
  • Jail Time: At least thirty (30) days of mandatory jail time or imprisonment if the third conviction was within 10 years of the second conviction*

*If the third conviction is more than 10 years after the second conviction, then the jail or imprison term is up to 12 months

4th DUI Conviction:

  • Fines: Minimum of $2,000 and maximum of $5,000
  • Jail time: Automatic felony conviction and up to five 5 years or longer if determined to be a violent and/or a habitual offender

Effective Measures Against Drunk Driving

Even though all 50 states have strict laws in place to protect the public from drunk drivers, some people unfortunately still choose to drive under the influence of alcohol. In addition to drunk driving laws, the following are effective measures used across the nation to help fight against drunk driving:

  • Minimum drinking age of 21
  • License suspension
  • Sobriety checkpoints
  • Ignition interlock devices
  • Social media campaigns and celebrity endorsements
  • Mandatory rehab or alcohol addition counseling and/or classes
  • Instructional programs in the education system

Drunk driving can be prevented, but it’s up to you to make the change. Creating awareness and taking the appropriate precautions can help prevent drunk driving and even save a life. If you lost a family member because of a drunk driver, reach out to one of our wrongful death attorneys and discuss your options.