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Tampa Burn Injury Attorney

A burn injury can happen in an auto accident, fire, explosion, workplace accident, or because of a defective product. A burn can scar or disfigure a victim for life, as well as cause long-term disabilities and loss of limb. The medical expenses and lost income could reach into the thousands for the victim and his or her family.

If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury in Tampa, contact our attorneys to discuss your case. You could be eligible for a financial award for your losses if a negligent party contributed to your injury. Why choose Fiol & Morros Law Group for representation?

  • We have extensive knowledge in personal injury law, including burn injury claims.
  • We have won numerous settlements and verdicts for our past clients.
  • We take calls from clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week to discuss cases.
  • We operate on a contingency-fee basis. Clients only pay for our services if we win.

Why Do You Need a Burn Injury Attorney?

A serious injury such as a burn may not receive a fair settlement offer from an insurance company without help from a lawyer. Insurance companies can take advantage of clients, trying to convince them to settle for less than the case is worth. They may also deny valid insurance claims. Insurance companies are more likely to listen to a client, however, if he or she has an attorney. Hiring an attorney can make negotiations with insurance companies more successful, and let burn victims focus on healing.

Types of Burn Injuries

Four different types of contact with the skin can cause burn injuries: thermal, chemical, electrical, and radiation. Thermal burns are the most common. They stem from contact with a heat source, such as open flames. Chemical burns happen when an acidic or base chemical touches the skin. Electrical burns can occur after contact with a live electricity source, such as a power line or bolt of lightning. Radiation burns can come from exposure to the sun or another source of radiation. Burn injuries also come in three different degrees.

  1. First-degree burn. Affects the uppermost layer of skin, or the epidermis. Does not cause a blister and typically will not leave a scar. May be painful, and come with reddening of the skin.
  2. Second-degree burn. Affects the second layer of skin, the dermis. Can cause a blister and may leave a scar. Will be painful and may appear red or swollen. Second-degree burns require medical care to prevent infection.
  3. Third-degree burn. Affects the underlying tissues, including muscles and tendons. Can scar and disfigure the victim, as well as lead to loss of limb. May not be painful, as it can damage or destroy nerve endings.

Third-degree burn injuries can be catastrophic, and affect a victim for life. Prompt medical care can improve the prognosis of a burn injury survivor after a serious accident. The Tampa Bay Regional Burn Center at Tampa General Hospital is the best place for medical care as a burn victim in Tampa. A victim may be able to recover the costs of hospital stays, surgeries, skin grafts, and rehabilitation with a personal injury claim.

Who Is Liable?

Obtaining financial compensation for a burn injury takes proving someone else’s negligence. The victim will have to show a judge or jury that someone else caused the accident, through an action or omission a reasonably prudent person would not have made in the same situation. The defendant could be a number of parties depending on the situation. Drivers, product manufacturers, property owners, and employers could all be liable for damages.

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