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Tampa Uninsured Motorist Attorney

Uninsured or underinsured motorists make an already complicated situation more complex. Although car insurance is mandatory for all drivers in the state of Florida, hundreds of irresponsible drivers disobey the law and drive without the minimum level of coverage or without insurance at all. If the other driver doesn’t have adequate insurance, the Tampa uninsured motorist lawyer at Fiol Law Group can help.

What Are Your Options?

The first step is to remain calm after an accident and gather as much information as possible. This is good advice following any accident, but especially important if the motorist says he or she does not have enough insurance to cover your property damage or personal injuries. Record the other driver’s name, phone number, and license plate number. If the driver has insurance but is underinsured, take down the name and policy number of his/her insurance. Take photos of the scene of the crash and any visible property damage. Seek medical help for injuries right away.

Following the accident, speak to a uninsured motorist attorney in Tampa Bay to discuss your options moving forward. Fiol Law Group understands the complex insurance laws in local counties and can help you learn your rights as an injured party. There are a few ways the law in Florida handles car accidents with uninsured/underinsured motorists. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, your car accident attorney may recommend one of the following actions:

  • Make a claim under the provisions of your own car insurance policy. If you have car insurance, you may have uninsured motorist coverage (although it is generally a separate plan that you must purchase in addition to traditional liability coverage). This coverage pays for your medical bills and property damage costs if the at-fault party in an accident does not have insurance. Underinsured motorist coverage will fill the gap between what the at-fault driver’s insurance can cover and what remains. Even if you do not purchase the coverage, if you did not reject uninsured/underinsured coverage in writing, Florida law requires your insurance company to provide you with this coverage.
  • Sue the at-fault driver. If the other driver does not have insurance to cover your damages and was at fault for the crash, you may be able to sue the driver to receive compensation. However, it is typically unlikely that an uninsured driver will have the funds to pay you, even if you win your case. Talk to a lawyer to find out if this is the right choice in your situation.

An attorney can help you file an uninsured/underinsured motorist claim with your car insurance company after an accident. Speaking with insurance claims adjusters can be stressful, especially if you’re also dealing with physical injuries or expensive property damage. The goal of a claims adjuster is to get you to settle for as small a compensation amount as possible. Instead of agreeing to a settlement over the phone, speak with an uninsured motorist lawyer at Fiol Law Group and let us handle negotiations.

Speak to a Tampa Uninsured Motorist Attorney

If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident with someone who does not have adequate insurance, it doesn’t mean you must pay out-of-pocket for your damages. Contact Fiol Law Group for help with your car accident case. We will contact insurance companies on your behalf, get to the bottom of whose coverage will cover your damages, and possibly file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver if we believe this is the best route to take. If your car accident does become a personal injury case, we don’t collect a dime unless we win you compensation. Odds are, however, we can resolve your uninsured/underinsured motorist case with the insurance companies.

If your attorney believes your case is worth more than the liability coverage the defendant has, we will inform your own insurance company right away, stating that you need to make an underinsured driver claim. Call (813) 223-6773 for a free consultation with us today.