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Who Is Responsible for Injuries Caused By Nature?

Fiol Law Group|Posted in Lawsuits on July 20, 2019

Human error is the main cause of serious accidents, injuries and deaths in Florida each year. Yet, as thousands have experienced, Mother Nature can also cause significant damage. When a natural event or disaster causes personal injuries, it can be more difficult to obtain financial recovery for damages. A few legal options may be available to you, however, depending on the situation.

Seek Benefits From an Insurance Provider

The best way to ensure coverage for injuries caused by nature is by purchasing adequate insurance in Florida. Comprehensive vehicle and homeowner’s insurance can cover damages that stem from acts of God. Acts of God refer to events that no person could reasonably have predicted or prevented. Comprehensive insurance plans may cover the costs of property repairs and medical bills for injuries after many different events.

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Tropical storms
  • Floods
  • Severe rain or wind
  • Lightning
  • Hail
  • Fires
  • Sinkholes

You will not find the exact phrase “act of God” on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Instead, look for a plan that will cover more than just standard storms, wind and rain. Paying for additional insurance now could save you thousands in the future should you suffer a serious injury in a natural disaster. Look for special endorsements to cover a range of natural events when purchasing homeowner’s insurance in Florida.

If you worry about damages to your vehicle, pay for comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive automobile coverage will typically pay for damage to your car from acts of God. This is an optional, not required, type of insurance in Florida. Paying the extra money, however, could be worthwhile if your vehicle sustains damage during a storm or other natural disaster. Your medical insurance could also help you pay for personal injuries after a destructive event.

Hold Someone Responsible for Human Negligence

Your injury might have involved an act of God, but that may not mean you do not have grounds for a civil claim. A deeper investigation of your incident could uncover signs of human error, negligence or recklessness. If, for example, a strong storm blew a dead tree on top of your vehicle while you were driving, you may have a case against the property owner who negligently failed to remove the dead tree before the storm.

If someone breached a duty of care to you before, during or after a natural disaster in Florida, and this breach caused or contributed to your injuries, you may be able to hold the person responsible. Examples of human error include poor property maintenance, construction defects, unsafe electrical work, utility company negligence and failure to warn of known risks, such as the failure to put a school on lockdown during a tornado warning. Someone else could be financially responsible for your losses if he or she contributed to your injuries.

Could I Get Legal Help for Injuries or Death Caused By Nature or Natural Disasters?

It is not impossible to hold someone responsible for an act of God. Despite nature being the driving force behind the injury, outlets for financial recovery may be available to you in Florida. You may have a claim through your auto, homeowners, renters or medical insurance company. You may also be able to hold someone at least partially responsible for your losses. A lawyer can help you understand the specifics of your case.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Tampa for your nature-related injuries could lead to better compensation for your losses than doing it alone. A lawyer may enable you to file a claim with your insurance company or someone else’s insurance provider in pursuit of financial recovery. Whether you suffered injuries in a building collapse or a hurricane, seek counsel from a personal injury attorney in Tampa. These cases can be difficult to prove, but a lawyer can help if you have serious injuries.