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Tampa Bed Bug Attorney

Every home and property owner dreads the thought of a bed bug infestation. Removing a bed bug infestation can be an expensive and time-consuming process, and while there is little evidence to suggest bed bugs can transmit serious diseases, they can still pose a public health problem.

The attorneys at Fiol & Morros Law Group are ready and willing to help in the event of a bed bug claim. If you or a loved one suffered painful bed bug bites and lost expensive items like mattresses to bed bug infestations, we can help. We can determine whether or not another party caused your damages and if so, hold them accountable.

Signs and Symptoms of Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are small, oval-shaped insects that are only a few millimeters long when fully-grown, making them very tough to spot until they start biting. Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and animals, and they get their name from their habit of nesting in bedding and clothing. Bed bugs can travel from place to place by attaching to pets, people, clothes, or sheets. A few warning signs of a bed bug infestation include:

  • Brownish, rusty-colored spots from bed bug droppings on sheets and pillowcases.
  • A musty, unpleasant odor caused by secretions from the bugs’ scent glands.
  • Shells of molted bed bugs. Most bedbugs molt several times between the nymph stage and adult stage, leaving husks behind.
  • Small blood stains on sheets and pillowcases.
  • Appearance of bites and itchy welts.

Bed bugs can cause painful bites that quickly turn into itchy welts. Many people who suffer these bites do not realize they come from bed bugs and assume they are mosquito bites. When landlords, hotel owners, or property managers fail to prevent bed bug infestations, affected parties can recoup their losses through civil claims.

Liability for Bed Bug Infestations

Most lawsuits concerning bed bugs involve property owners who fail to prevent bed bug infestations, such as hotels, apartment complexes, and vacation rentals. A property owner has a legal obligation to lawful visitors and guests to the property to prevent injuries, and this includes exposure to bed bugs.

Depending on the nature of a bed bug case, a plaintiff can sue for the damages resulting from an infestation. In most cases, plaintiffs can secure compensation for their medical expenses related to treating bed bug exposure as well as the property damage associated with removing the bed bugs. Bed bugs like to hide in mattresses, box springs, sheets, clothing, and nooks and crannies throughout a home. Plaintiffs will likely need to hire an exterminator to remove bed bugs, and this can be a costly process. They will also need to destroy any infested items like mattresses, pillows, and bedding, so plaintiffs can recover the costs of repairing or replacing such items in their claims.

Additional Information About Bed Bugs in Florida

If you plan to travel within Florida, there is a bed bug registry you can check to review all of the bed bug complaints in the state. The registry uses real police records and court documents to track bed bug-related incidents, so it’s a good way to do research if you plan to stay at a Florida resort or hotel in the near future.

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Anyone who has suffered damages as the result of a bed bug infestation in the Tampa area can file a personal injury claim against the responsible party to recover their losses. Contact the Fiol & Morros Law Group today to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our attorneys. We will review the details of your claim and let you know how our firm can help.